We have just released RapidFire one of many variations of our Quatro Game Series.
Let us know how you think we can improve this game or make other related games.
We will be developing and releasing new games in the near future.
These games can be played on your Smart Phone.

RapidFire is a simple game that sharpens your mind and speeds up your reaction time.

It can be played alone or with friends and great for all ages, from 4 to 104.

The game board has 16 squares in a 4 by 4 pattern. There are 4 horizontal rows and 4 vertical columns. When you press START the game will automatically mark 3 squares, each in a different row and column. You have a limited time to select the only square that is in a different row and column then the 3 marked squares. If you do not select the square in the time allowed or you select the wrong square the game ends. If you get it right the board will immediately present you with another 3 square marked game.

The object is to complete as many correct choices in the shortest time. The score is based on time and number of completions. The paid version adds a competition mode where the time allowed continues to decrease, forcing an eventual failure. This version shows how fast you can actually get the right answer. This version is only available in the paid version.

Play the basic game on your Apple phone for FREE with Ads.

Buy the game for 99c and eliminate the Ads and add the Competition mode for your Apple or Android phone. You will find it under "Quatro RapidFire".

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